Monday, 9 January 2017

Well finally going to update and put some pictures on! Its been a while and I am sure Imogen has grown somewhat since. Where to start, Imogen still has her gaz (Gastrostomy), she has an overnight feed to top up her calorie intake as she just eats small amounts during the day. This doesn't faze her and she has no motivation to want to get gaz taken out and eat more. Not for lack of trying though. She will get there, 6 years ago she didn't really have anything orally, now she has a varied taste, Preferring strong tastes to bland. We have been referred to a clinical psychologist, on the waiting list, (7 Months)  hopefully to help with the eating. Will keep you updated.

Imogen started high school last September, she goes to a school about 6 miles away, she loves the independence of going on the bus (the novelty wearing a little in the cold weather) and is really enjoying school. The local school to us is a rather large high school and Imogen's choice of school, albeit further away, is a lot smaller and she fits right in. The school pictures are her last day at junior school and her first day at high school.

 A few pictures below of holidays and various things. Note Imogen's breakfast consisted of black pudding!! Sorry pictures are a bit all over the place, not quite got the hang of it yet.
Kind regards to all, please email with any feedback or if you just want to contact us. Lindsey

Black pudding and tomato sauce. Yummy
Christmas 2016

Monday, 18 April 2016

Long time no hear!

Wow it's been nearly 4 years since last post on here. Think I better do an update! Imogen has just turned 11, she is doing really well. She starts high school in September. Overnight she still has a feed through her gastrostomy button but this doesn't bother Imogen it doesn't stop her doing anything she wants to do! Imogen has some lovely friends and she is doing well in school.
I will try I promise and update the blog more in future.
Lindsey X

Friday, 20 July 2012

Our summer holiday to Spain - June 2012

Mummy and Imogen at the apartment

It seems ages since we saw any sun this summer but we did manage to get some when we had a couple of weeks in Spain

In the hammock

Daddy drunk in charge of a child

Book v Kindle

Pier at Torrevieja

Flamenco night at Villa Salada

Jordan teaching the kids to Flamenco - but Ims ran off crying overwhelmed

Just stopped crying (ish)

Jordan's Imogen's fave again

In Altea

Rooftop pizza restaurant in Altea

Imogen is the next Hayley Turner

Monday, 25 June 2012

Imogen's School Photo

Imogen in her class school photo. Her teacher is Miss Stalker on the left. Imogen get's the manager's centre front spot.